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READy. Set. ELevAte! is a Reading and English Language Arts focused tutoring company specifically designed to help students develop their grammar skills, reading comprehension, phonics skills, and writing abilities.




Is there a discount for signing up multiple children?- There is no discount on the weekly tutoring fee. However, the registration fee is waived for the 3rd child. *All of the students must be from the same household*




Is a consultation required?- Yes, this is a 15-30 minute meeting designed for the tutor to meet your student(s) and discuss a plan of action to most effectively meet the needs of your student(s). Please email or call us to request an appointment




What are your hours?- Mon-Thurs 4:30-7:30PM




Where are you located?- New Gettysburg Baptist Church 2645 N. Gettysburg Ave Dayton, OH 45417

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